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Insects play a crucial part in the ecology of the planet, but when they start playing a part in the ecology of your household then they’ve become a pest control problem and it’s time to call in the experts.

At Terry Davison Pest Control we will be able to get rid of any kind of insect which has invaded your property, using safe and efficient practices. We will be able to employ the best suited pest control method for your particular brand of insect, many of which you will find dedicated pages to on this site.

What is an Insect?

There are several defining characteristics which define an insect. They have:

  • An exoskeleton (skeleton on the outside),
  • A three part body (abdomen, thorax and head),
  • Six legs (three pairs),
  • One pair of antennae, and
  • Compound eyes.

Of course what really matters is that they are little creatures that you want to get rid of.

Common Insect Pests

There are many kinds of insects, causing a variety of different pest control problems. Some of these can be prevented through precautions you can take, such as having your home proofed for instance. On the other hand, there are some insects which come about due to conditions that you cannot control and they simply must be eliminated when they arise.

Here are some of the most common insects which cause pest control problems and a brief explanation of how to eliminate.

  • Ants – find the nest and kill the queen
  • Bed Bugs – Insecticides, very thorough cleaning
  • Beetles – Insecticides
  • Cockroaches – fumigation
  • Fleas – Fumigation, thorough cleaning
  • Moths – Insecticides
  • Termites – kill the queen
  • Wasps (and bees) – find the nest, spray insecticide inside
  • Woodworm – insecticide, fumigation.

That is a very brief explanation of how insects which tend to cause pest control problems are generally dealt with.

No matter what kind of insects you are dealing with though here at Terry Davison Pest Control we will help you to eliminate them, there are a few general principles which hold true in terms of prevention and eradication

Pest Control Procedures for Prevention and Elimination of Insects

A pest control technician spraying for insects in a house. Insects need food and water to survive, so in most cases the problem is that they are getting these things from your property or they wouldn’t be there. Therefore, you can keep the majority of insects (and indeed pests in general) away by keeping a clean, tidy and well maintained property. If there is nothing to eat and no malfunctioning plumbing to act as a water source, you will prevent most insect infestations.

Pest Control Procedures There are some exceptions to that, however. For instance, bed bugs feed off their host and travel with people, they do not respond to the environment. This is also true of fleas for animals. Wasps and bees simply require somewhere safe for their nest.

When it comes to getting rid of insects, it depends very much on the situation and what kind of insect you are dealing with. It is best to get expert pest control advice once you have an insect infestation.

Heat Treatments

Heat treatments use new Entotherm technologies to produce the most thorough and fast method yet devised for eradicating insect infestations.

The heat treatment works by temporarily turning the affected area in to an oven. The temperature is raised to just over 55 degrees Centigrade by a liquid syrup which travels through insulated pipes to strategically placed heat exchanges. The heat exchanges emit air which is hot and dry, creating a lethal environment for insects at every stage of their life cycle.

Heat treatments can save businesses a lot of time and money. Where fumigation may take days, or even weeks, this process can be completed in merely hours.


One of the best ways to get rid of an insect infestation is through fumigation. It is simple and cost-effective, and can be used as either a preventative or curative measure. Since it involves using toxic gases it is important to have professionals, here at Terry Davison Pest Control, carry out the procedures. Our pest control technicians are fully trained to carry out these practices safely, complying with all relevant health and safety standards and regulations.

Insect Proofing

As part of your insect treatment, our service technicians will carry out a thorough inspection of your home or business and identify all the places where insects may enter, so they can be filled.

Typical entry sites include gaps around windows or doors. You may also need to install new barriers, such as insect control screens.

Insect proofing ensures that natural ventilation can be maintained, and minimises the need to use residual pesticides. It also makes sure than insects can no longer contaminate food kept at your home or business.